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Peer-reviewed publications

List of Peer-Reviewed Publications






Treatment of pulp and paper mill effluent by a novel bacterium Bacillus sp. IITRDVM-5 through a sequential batch process

Sonkar M, Kumar M, Dutt D and Kumar V.


Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology. 20, 101232.

Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass Using Vortex-Based Devices for Cavitation: Influence on Biomethane Potential.

Nagarajan S and Ranade VV.


Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 58, 15975-15988.

Augmented hydrolysis of acid pretreated sugarcane bagasse by PEG 6000 addition: a case study of Cellic CTec2 with recycling and reuse.

Baral P, Jain L, Kurmi A.K, Kumar V and Agrawal D.


Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering. 43, 473-482.

Sustainable valorization of sugar industry waste: Status, opportunities, and challenges.

Meghana M and Shastri Y.


Bioresource Technology. 303, 122929.

Bioproduction of succinic acid from xylose by engineered by Yarrowia lipolytica without pH control.

Prabhu AA, Ledesma-Amaro R, Carol CSK, Coulon F, Thakur VK and Kumar V.


Biotechnology for Biofuels 13:113.

Biovalorisation of crude glycerol and xylose into xylitol by oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica.

Prabhu AA, Thomas DJ, Ledesma-Amaro R, Leeke GA, Vaya A, Verheecke-Vaessen C, Coulon F, Agarwal D and Kumar V.


Microbial Cell Factories 19:121.

Pre-treatment of Distillery Spent Wash (Vinasse) with Vortex Based Cavitation and its Influence on Biogas Generation

Nagarajan S and Ranade VV.


Bioresource Technology Reports 11:100480

Evaluation of alternative strategies for generating fermentable sugars from high-solids alkali pretreated sugarcane bagasse and successive valorization to L (+) lactic acid

Nalawade K, Baral P, Patil S, Pundir A, Kurmi AK, Konde K, Patil S and Agrawal D.


Renewable Energy 157: 708-717

Assessment of multiple pretreatment strategies for 2G L-lactic acid production from sugarcane bagasse 

Nalawade K, Saikia P, Behera S, Konde K and Patil S.


Biomass conversion and Biorefinery

Expeditious production of concentrated glucose-rich hydrolysate from sugarcane bagasse and its fermentation to lactic acid with high productivity

Baral P, Pundir A, Kumar V, Kurmi AK and Agrawal D.


Food and Bioproducts Processing 124: 72-81

Use of paper mill sludge and sewage sludge powder as nitrogen and phosphorus sources with bacterial consortium for the treatment of paper industry wastewater

Sonkar M, Kumar V and Dutt D.


Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology 30:101843

Enhanced xylitol production using non-detoxified xylose rich pre-hydrolysate from sugarcane bagasse by newly isolated Pichia fermentans

Ashish A. Prabhu, Ekkarin Bosakornranut, Yassin Amraoui, Deepti Agrawal, Frederic Coulon, Vivekanand Vivekanand, Vijay Kumar Thakur & Vinod Kumar


Biotechnology for Biofuels

Scale-up of vortex based hydrodynamic cavitation devices: A case of degradation of di-chloro aniline in water

Ranade VV, Sarvothaman VP, Simpson A and Nagarajan S.


Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 70: 105295

Sugarcane Bagasse based Biorefineries in India: Potential and Challenges

Konde K, Nagarajan S,  Kumar V, Patil S and Ranade VV.


Sustainable Energy & Fuels