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The StreetSpace project

The StreetSpace project invites you to Sailortown Online Symposiumrom

November 6, 2020
14:00 - 16:00

In preparation for the StreetSpace workshop in June 2021 we will hold an online meeting to share the experience of more than a year of collaboration for a better built environment in Sailortown.

Sailortown Regeneration, StreetSpace at QUB, Household and the regeneration teams in the Department for Communities and Belfast City Council have been working together to explore the stories of people of Sailortown so that we can better understand the needs of a resident and displaced community and provide ideas for a much better future for the built environment of Sailortown, one that caters for the needs, memories and ambitions of a diverse and authentic community.

We invite anyone interested in the history, present and future of Sailortown to join us for one hour of presentations and one hour small group discussions to further explore the ideas for Sailortown’s future.


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