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There are four aspects to the NICOLA Fieldwork

Each interview takes place approximately every 2 years and a health assessment approximately every 4 years

  • Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)

    NICOLA participants are asked to take part in a computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI) with a researcher from the Ipsos MORI team. These interviews are conducted in the participants home.  Detailed information on all aspects of the respondents’ lives is collected within the CAPI, including the economic dimension (pensions, employment, living standards), health aspects (physical, mental, healthcare utilisation, service needs and usage) and the social domain (contact with friends and kin, formal and informal care, social participation and social connectedness).

  • Self Completion Questionnaire (SCQ)

    Each participant is also asked to complete and return a questionnaire designed to explore certain areas of their life that were considered particularly sensitive for respondents to answer directly to an interviewer (e.g. relationship quality, loneliness, stressful and traumatic life events, worry and alcohol intake).

  • Health Assessment

    Following completion of the home interview each participant is invited to take part in a comprehensive Health Assessment in the Clinical Research Facility located in the Belfast City Hospital. Participants who were unable / unwilling to attend the Clinical Research Facility were offered a modified and partial assessment in their own home. All health assessments were carried out by qualified and trained research nurses. The health assessment included a range of measurements including height, weight, blood pressure, cognitive test, cardiovascular test, gait and balance tests and vision measurements.  Blood and urine samples are also obtained as part of the health assessment.

  • Dietary Questionnaire

    Following completion of the health assessment, participants are asked to complete a dietary questionnaire that will assess their food and drink intake over the previous 12 month period.