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Who We Are

Operating for over 40 years the Northern Ireland Technology Centre (NITC) is a technology and innovation centre, bridging the gap between academic research and commercial production, to meet industry’s needs. As one of Queens University’s primary links with industry we are a self financing unit affiliated to School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, recognised as one of the foremost contributors to NI industry from the Universities. The NITC activities include working with leading OEM’s as well as with local SME’s, on projects focussing on Design, Engineering and Manufacturing. The NITC has built local and national credibility by putting at the forefront our ability to work with, and deliver innovation and real value to industry within the tight timeframes that companies demand, breaking down the barriers that may have previously existed with industry/university collaboration in the past.

The NITC has built up a team of engineers and designers who bring a wealth of experience as well as great enthusiasm to all projects whether large or small. We are strong advocates of real collaborative working and partnership with our customers, believing this delivers the most effective results from idea to implementation.


NITC Building on who are we page.

Northern Ireland Technology Centre
Northern Ireland Technology Centre